giving thanks

Well, I’m just dong a fantastic job posting over here lately. What can I say? Life!

Our family had a very nice, low key Thanksgiving with a bit of family and some friends. We had fresh snowman-worthy snow, way too much delicious food, lots of pajama time and plenty of cooking & crafting… (Excuse the blurry toddler, he won’t sit still!)

from my Tinkerbell to yours…

Well. I certainly didn’t intend to go so long between posts… But now, happy Halloween everybody!

Don’t forget to schedule those photo shoots before the cold weather really sets in!

Common Ground Fair

We went to MOFGA’s Common Ground Country Fair last Saturday, just E & I. We had a blast. I was a little worried about her little four year old legs and her ability to withstand an entire day walking around the (large) fairgrounds. (Last time we went, she was petrified of the animals, particularly whenever they’d “baa” or “moo.”)

This year? This year was awesome. She was such a trooper. I wanted to move us along to meet some friends pretty much as soon as we arrived but she kept getting sidetracked by Things to Look At. Chickens…sheep…yarn (ok, that might’ve been me)…tractors…cows. She even loved the somewhat “boring” stuff – exhibits of beans and vegetables and canned goods.

We had a great time and I managed to snap a few quick shots here and there! Enjoy our glimpse of the fair!

train time with grandma

On a trip up to the Boothbay Railway Village this past weekend, I captured this charming shot of my little H with his grandma. What a sweet moment!

I’ve been taking photos, just not posting a lot. Summer has been busy. And fun! I’ll admit to looking forward to getting back into a routine with school and cooler weather here… Cooler weather is a little more pleasant for photo jaunts as well! Fall is perhaps my favorite season for doing portraits and taking photos in general. Comfortable weather, crisp blue skies, autumn leaves…so photogenic!

Drop me a line to schedule your fall photo session today!

the boy turns two

Happy birthday lil’ man!

Tip: Get down super low to get some interesting angles with your photos!

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