baby: small thing in a big room!

I really love getting way up close and personal, especially with little ones. You can capture so many awesome details. But! I also really love backing away and getting a great shot of their surroundings! Tiny baby on a big bed!

on “working” Christmas Eve

Yes. I had a shoot on Christmas Eve, which I wouldn’t do for just anybody, but this was a friend. I got to photograph this little cutie (and his whole family!)

Happy holidays from my cookies to yours!

We’ve made (and consumed!) a spectacular amount of cookies in the past few weeks. Really, an impressive quantity.

I love, love, love the holidays but I’m really looking forward to some relaxation over the next week or so, followed by a return to a somewhat normal routine!

giving thanks

Well, I’m just dong a fantastic job posting over here lately. What can I say? Life!

Our family had a very nice, low key Thanksgiving with a bit of family and some friends. We had fresh snowman-worthy snow, way too much delicious food, lots of pajama time and plenty of cooking & crafting… (Excuse the blurry toddler, he won’t sit still!)

from my Tinkerbell to yours…

Well. I certainly didn’t intend to go so long between posts… But now, happy Halloween everybody!

Don’t forget to schedule those photo shoots before the cold weather really sets in!

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