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No, not that kind of flash…

You may or may not remember my mention of the wonderful tree at work that I managed to get some people to sit under for photographs a couple years ago. Well, the tree is blooming again and sadly, this will be its last year.


You see, in the name of all that is progress, there will be some construction and renovation of the building attached to our library and because of all this progress, which I’m sure will be lovely when completed, this tree and all its tiny flower friends will get, well, chopped down and torn up.

*weeps again*

And so I had the brilliant (?) idea to have one last set of photos under this glorious tree. They’re not free this time (sorry) but they’ll be super cheap.

Here’s the deal: $20 gets you 20 minutes, plus a few low res photos perfect for sharing online. (As always, high res photos or prints are available for purchase, should you so desire!)

Location: the library courtyard on the UNE Portland campus.

Time: this Sunday morning or Monday morning (May 17 or 18) – contact me to set up a specific time!

Don’t miss the perfect springtime photo opportunity!

…in the snow.

Because, really, after this winter, what better way to start spring than by poking around in icy snowbanks looking for plastic eggs?

In all seriousness, the kids did have a great time, despite the icy snowbanks. The freshly falling snow was quite pretty, if chilly, and we enjoyed the company of our good friends.

May next year be just a trifle warmer!

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