another wee little thing

I got to photograph this sweet little babe in the first week of her life a few days ago… Welcome to the world, little one!

mini sessions!

So…after my last post where I was all, “Mini sessions! Woohoo! Spring is here!” the weather has been…unpredictable at best. (Today = 46 degrees and raining, last I checked. BOO.)


This weekend looks like it’s going to be nice. Or, at least, nicer than it has been. As of right now. (See previous re: unpredictable.)

So! Sunday! Wanna have a mini session? Sunday is your day!

I will plan to be at Evergreen Cemetery by the duck pond on Sunday morning. If there is lots of interest and/or churchgoers who want to come, I can be there in the afternoon instead or in addition to the morning. (Though, truthfully, mornings tend to work better for both light and everyone’s mood.)

You must email me at to set up a time.

I will tentatively plan on 9-12 and will be working in half hour increments. For more information about how this will work, see this post.

Hope to see some of you!

mini sessions?

I’ve been wanting to do a mass mini session for a while now but, well, it has to be nice out. As we all know, nice has been a long time coming this year…

Finally, finally, it’s starting to be nice on a regular basis! (Finally!) I worked in the community garden today and I’m actually a bit warm in my lightweight cardigan right now. Could spring (and then summer!) actually arrive? Yes!

So, my thoughts turn (back) to mini sessions. I thought I’d ask what would be best! I was thinking a weekend day would be best – but Saturday? Or Sunday? Or would a weekday work better? I have a bunch of locations I could choose from but maybe there’s a special place you’d like to see me add to the list?

For those of you that don’t know, a mini session is just what it sounds like – a shorter version of my regular photo shoot. Typically, it would take place at your home or another location of your choosing. In this case, however, I’d be doing a bunch at once – I’d pick a spot and you’d show up at your appointed time, then the next person/family would show up, etc. I’ll shoot some photos, generally for 20-30 minutes, then you’ll get a small gallery of images online from which you will be able to pick two to download, free of any additional charge. You would, of course, be welcome to purchase additional images or prints. (Find more info on sessions here.)

In addition, since I’ll be at some central location and you will come to me (mwahaha!), I’m lowering the price to $50. (That’s half off! Wow.)

If you’d like to do a mini session (or a regular session!) at a date or location of your choosing, and not mine, get in touch! (The promotional price only applies to whatever date and location I choose for this mass mini session mania though. For my regular prices, see here.)

Leave me a comment and let me know what would work for you! I’ll take into account any feedback I receive when I choose a day and place.

Get out there and enjoy spring!

sometimes it’s just a ramen sort of day

winter isn’t all bad

I know I’ve been wading through the archives posting bright and sunny summer photos for you (and me!) to enjoy, but winter photos can be great too! We got outside recently when the temps rose just a bit to near freezing and had some fun in the snow. (You know it’s been extra cold when, like yesterday, you take a walk and think, “Gee, it’s pretty nice out!” and then realize it’s 19.)

One of the tricks to getting good winter photos is doing them fast. The longer you’re outside, the colder you’ll get, usually. (Depending on your activity level and how much you’re bundled, of course – but photo shoots are not typically the most active of pastimes…nor do you want to be completely covered from head to toe in fleece or wool or giant down parkas.) So not only will you keep getting colder but…you will probably start looking, well, redder. Cheeks, nose, ears, will all start to turn pink. Better to capture some good shots before that happens!

For the knitterly out there – think of all the lovely handknits you could incorporate into a photo shoot!

Stay warm friends!

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f a c e b o o k
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