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noon year

I’ve been amazingly unproductive on the photography front so far this year. I’ve barely used my “real” camera, though I’ve snapped more than a few photos with my phone. I’m hoping with the coming warm(er) weather, I’ll be able to get out more! (Though, admittedly, this winter wasn’t exactly freezing…or particularly snowy…) I tend to consider wintertime in Maine a sort of photographic hiatus. It’s dark. It’s cold. There’s not a whole lot going on. People (and other creatures) tend to hibernate. Not that I don’t take pictures in the winter, but my output dramatically ramps up at the start of spring. Fresh green things! Brighter light! More hours of daylight! Warm temperatures! With this past weekend’s time change, I’m looking forward to taking more photos in the evening hours that are lit by something other than electric bulbs or candlelight.

The photo above was taken at the noon year’s eve celebration at the Children’s Museum. What are you looking forward to with the coming of spring?

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